Contingency Collections
Through one of our sister companies we can offer a fully Licensed and Bonded Agency that specializes in accounts receivable management for Debt Buyers and Issuers that includes Bank and Retail Credit Card, Consumer Loans, Auto and Payday Loans products. Preferred account age: Fresh – 3 Agency. From pre-charge-off recovery services to arbitration and litigation all of the bases are covered.

Their Services include:


In continual efforts to increase production and customer satisfaction, they have a designated website for customers allowing payments, inquiries and communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Letter campaign services along with unsurpassed skip tracing abilities have created a superior contact ratio. Efficient staff handles all inbound, outbound and dialer calls using a series of tools, disposition codes and a perfected paper trail to create the proficient collection strategies we use today.

With inspiring incentives and an employee referral program our team of associates is focused on continual achievement of high liquidation stats, accuracy, efficiency and quality of customer care.

Reselling – We work with a targeted group of Buyers and Sellers to achieve the best results for both parties and build long standing relationships. For Buyers, Pipeline has long lasting relationships with sellers to ensure a steady flow of the products that you need to help achieve your economic goals. Whether you are a large or small national buyer or a large or small state buyer Pipeline can assist you with your debt acquisitions. For Sellers, Pipeline works with many types of Buyers of which it carefully outlines their purchase parameters. Additionally, contract and post sale support is also provided as needed.

Portfolio Acquisitions
Through one of our sister companies we look to make targeted purchases from Issuers and Debt Buyers that can provide good cash flow and resale attributes. We also look for specific joint venture purchasing opportunities.

We work with a small but effective group of Agency and Attorney Network partners that can provide reliable collection and litigation results for various distressed debt products. There are many collection agency options but it is difficult to make an educated decision about selecting the right agency to meet your needs and liquidation requirements. We work with agencies that are easy to do business with and that can provide solid results. All of our Agency partners will provide remittance bonds if required.

Portfolio and Agency Management
In addition to helping and advising clients on acquisitions and resale we can select the right agencies and utilize our collection software for tracking, reporting and analysis to help our clients try to achieve the best results.

New Agency Start-Up Infrastructure and Software
Have you thought about starting your own Collection Agency? Through one of our sister companies we provide infrastructure, software, inventory management and account placements for new Agency Start-Ups.

Security and Services
Our company offers a multiple access interface including a secure Web Portal for remote access as well as direct access through our Citrix system. They utilize a Citrix server network that allows for use of their blended database to facilitate their inventory flow procedures and safeguard a client’s data within a 256 bit encryption sequence. A secure data and network environment including state of the art firewalls and anti-virus software as well as the use of complex password protection of all data and access components. A secure Web Portal for remote access with time constraints that can be set up to offer our clients optimal use of our systems.

Your collection business depends on being able to work accounts quickly and efficiently. Our company offers a type of collection software that leads the way with easy-to-use, comprehensive solutions for your collection business. The software is easy to learn and use so you can focus on collecting instead of worrying about getting organized. With our software you can use as many or as few features as you desire.

Features such as:


You have the ability to customize the software to the way you do business. Here's a short list of some of the things you can configure to suit your operational set up:

Management Services

Third Party Solutions
Through different channels we work with many different vendors that provide various services such as; Skip-Tracing, Merchant Processing, Telecommunications, etc. Based on actual experience through our other companies and clients with these vendors we can save a client time and money by providing solid company solutions that can deliver industry services at competitive pricing.

Consulting Services
Market and portfolio attribute driven valuation methodologies are employed for performing and non-performing inventory appraisals. W can evaluate your performing and nonperforming holdings and develop a strategic plan to maximize your profit through a combination of directed Outsourcing and Sales. We can assist in the placement of accounts with proven agencies along with suggesting what accounts to sell to provide immediate cash flow or just let us manage your account receivable inventory for you.